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Found 2 results

  1. We at Wrath WoW are almost ready to open the doors for WoW Gaming community after long journey with hardwork and dedication. Now we are looking for some professionals here. I ll be describing this position below. Marketing Guru: Good knowledge about social media, gaming & other related forums (preferably experienced ) Youtube promotion & Management (includes full procedure from production to release and sharing etc.) Facebook Promotion & Management -/- Advertisements on forums and gaming lounges with decent professional touch. Management of forums i.e. community touch, such as replying to feedback being polite, professional and diplomatic. Google Keyword promotion & Management. Management of advertisement flyers i.e. you know exactly how does a professional neat & clean flyer look like which is brief and eyecatching and still does'nt look like annoying add. Backlinks & Management to other communities. Diplomatic talks to other servers and platforms for news and updates from the field. Good taste and hand in GFX & Art work. I think by now you can imagine what kind of task you are awaiting at this position. Dont worry about this all being too much or w.e. you ll be provided with proper guidance even run through and provided all required data / informations etc. Now you think you have the skill to be a good Marketing Manager? You know what it takes to make people interested in your buisiness? Contact us now! Send us a private message or leave an application at our forums. Kind Regards Beast Wrath WoW Management
  2. Greetings dear community! We at Wrath-WoW are looking for dedicated, professional, serious, trustworthy, responsible and skilled developers. Please beware that we are under development, so some how you are going to be part of team in all manners. We assure you, this project is not "i just want my own server", but a long term project with stable roots, budget, ideas and a road map. We preferably choose a person who didnot had his chance for his career in development. Depending on your background, skill, personality, communications skills maturity you have a good chance to be a permanent member of team. We will listen to everyone individually, ideas flow, suggestions or your opinion will be considered valuable. We are currently recruiting: Core Dev You must be good and proficient in C++ and Trinity API You must have experience using professional tools (Github etc.) You have done some work in past either for the Trinity API or other C++ scripts Paid position available for highly experienced, active, and skilled applicants. SQL Dev You must be familiar with your field well. TDB experience is a plus, but not required. Your queries must be clean, efficient, and they must be able to be re-run an infinite number of times without fail or duplication. Web Dev PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JSON, Smarty, JavaScript Programming experience required Well paid position available for highly experienced, active, and skilled applicants. Builder Please show us your work (local work is enough) screenshots, video, etc. You should be creative, open for new inspirations, fresh minded, inventive, imaginative, ingenious and most important must know the affect, possiibilities of your work. Once again, you will be treated very individually and every one is a valued person for us. About our team, i assure you will be more than satisfied, feel the comfort and your respect among us. Now you feel you got what it takes to set sail for a adventurous journey? We will be glad to have a small interviewing talk via Teamspeak or skype. You may also apply directly at our website here We are thankful for every support! Please avoid offtopic discussions. With best Regards Wrath-WoW Team Beast