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Found 25 results

  1. **TheBlackEmpire** Before starting the presentation of TBE I would like to introduce myself. I am Nyogara, current owner and founder of the project. What is The Black Empire? TBE is a community made up of players and the team. Our policy is based on the development of this project as hobbies, not as work or obligation. So, we can develop a project made by friends, clean and efficient. The players will dedicate themselves and only to have fun in this our project. The server on which it is based? At the moment it has a single server 7.3.2 in the closed Alfa phase, but we have plans for the future. Why TBE and not other servers? We do not offer just a Blizzlike experience, but we also like to deal directly with the player. This community is not based on playing alone, but as long as you have a good relationship with the community, you will have quick help from both the community and the team. Is TBE a Pay-To-Win server? Things as they are, where we host the server and the page is not free. Throughout our project we will launch articles that will not improve the object level or make you win anything, but they will give cool appearances and mounts that can not be achieved (All this can also be won with the community points, which get by participation in the forum, played time etc etc.) Is TBE a multilanguage community? Yes but no. I explain it to you, TBE in principle is a Spanish community dedicated to a Spanish-speaking audience, but since we would like to grow from very young, the standard language will be English at the moment. **We are currently looking for people to help us with the project, both on the web and in security or the core itself with its database.** For more specifications please ask me privately (Discord: @TBE#8914 ) At the moment this is all, for more news in brief we will publish the social networks that we have so that you can follow them and thus find out at the moment. By Azeroth
  2. Hello everyone! Today I am going to present a project that is not just anyone. There is a community of players with several realms. We are Frozen-Peak, a project that has planned to open 4 kingdoms (3.3.5a, 4.3.4, 5.4.8 and 7.x). Currently we are in full development of the website and the server of the Discord but our server is already released to the public. We are also in a campaign of search of personnel for the project, for more information to notify me by private. Sincerely, the co-founder. https://discord.gg/5kmc6r9
  3. Hello guys, I'm having trouble connecting to my server (Windows), which is located on another machine in the same network. I get the realm loop when I try to login ingame. - My setup is as it follows: 1. Domain - myserver.com -> Login subdomain that points to my external IP - logon.myserver.com 2. Router - Static IPv4 xx.xx.xx.xx 3. Gaming PC - Internal IP 4. Trinity Server PC - Internal IP - What i did: 1. Followed THIS guide on making the server public. 2. Port forwarded the required ports in my router and pointed all to the Internal host: 3. Opened the ports in the Firewall 4. Followed THIS guide on how to setup the Windows hosts. logon.myserver.com xx.xx.xx.xx logon.myserver.com 5. Edited the realmlist.wtf file, with the internal IP of the server (this is the only way it connects). PS: I also tried adding a second realm but I get the bad realm message when I try to connect to it, and also it doesn't "merge" with the first realm, so even if I could connect to it, I would't be able to play together with my friends. Nothing works... All my friends are able to connect to the server, except me. I'm suspecting it's an issue with configuring the Win hosts. Any pointers on what else I could try? Thanks!
  4. Server Information: This server is in a Development phase, but as soon as we get enough finished we will release it in beta to test everything and fix all the bugs before release. The servers name is not released yet, since it may or may not be changed. It will be a 3.3.5 Fun server with high stats, a remake of an old server called Mond WoW. It will not be a full remake of the server just partially, it will not be a pay to win server. I mean players will be able to pay and get an early lead into the game but that's it. The developer positions will not be paid, so you will be doing this for free. This may change in the future, and or we can discuss it in private but don't expect to be paid. What do we need? Well, we are in need of someone who has a lot of experience in C++. A few people to create quest lines and or creatures. We don't need someone to create a website for us, but it would be nice. Anyone who has screen shots and or a good memory from Mond WoW 3.3.5 Contact Info: I am a busy person, so please give me time to reply. If you are interested in a position or just want to talk about the server you can email me at krypticwow@hotmail.com or you can reply to me on this topic and or in a private message but emailing me would be the fastest way to contact me. If you are applying for a position, it must be done in an email. Thank you,
  5. GOOD VS Evil Interlude [C6] L2J Faction Files Source Website: http://www.l2-reality.com/ Check Out All Information ! Hello Everyone today i post one unique interlude Faction files for sell! New Updates/New Maps/New Balance/ New Features/0 Login Game Server Errors! Daily Updates! - There are two factions team's. - Faction players has red/blue circles around them - Adena can be earned by killing other faction members or captured flags - Every player can rechose his faction on faction manager - We have faction points system - Faction Points can be received in many ways too - pvp, ctf,TVT,OLY! - Phoenix Event Engine With 15 Events - Captured Flag "almost 50 + Maps" - Custom Reward From PvP + increase Bonus - Custom Java Gatekeeper With Many Map's Duration 1h /45/30 min - Unique Buffer With All Buffs/ pp/wc/bd/ss/ee/se - Balance Login For the teams - Round top killer Reward + HERO Aura - Community Board with best player + points kills death's "online /offline status" - Voting Map System With New Desing - Siage Hero System Enable - Hero status till death every 9 pvp kills without death. - PvP Enchant System - Gained Enchant From PvP - Custom Reward From Owned Castle Custom Features : - Kino Event - Chaos Event - ChangePassword - Casino Manager - Fight Club [Disable for now] - .mapinfo / information about current and next maps. - .online / shows online statistics. - .changepass / command to change your password. - .setenchant / Enchant Menu Like On GvE.Net - .events - . casino - .away - .charinfo - .points / shows information about faction points. - Killing Spre System - Custom Welcome Pm - VoTe Reward System Hopzone/Topzone - Spawn Protect System + Effect - Clan Manager For 8 LvL Clan Or Clan System from Capruted flags. - Nobless Manager - Custom Tittles : Kills : 0 - Protection against box killing - Trading/party invitations/clan invitattions/ally invitations are forbidden between factions - Protection kill /same player/clan/ally/ip/ - Upon dying doesn't remove buffs - Adapted npc /Buffer/GmShop/Gatekeeper/Symbol Manager/WereHouse/ And Much Other With Custom Html's - And Much More Maps: <!-- Abandoned Camp --> <!-- Ruins Of Despair --> <!-- The Cemetery --> <!-- Town of Giran --> <!-- Talking Island Village --> <!-- Dwarven Village --> <!-- Giran Castle --> <!-- Fortress of Saints --> <!-- Tower of Insolence --> <!-- Hot Springs --> <!-- Field of Silence --> <!-- Archaic Laboratory --> <!-- Valley Of Saints --> <!-- Rune Castle --> <!-- School Of Dark Arts --> <!-- Forsaken Plains --> <!-- Ruins of Agony --> <!-- Guldin Village --> Payments: Via Paypal [ONLY] Complied Ready Server : 30 Euro Source Files : 40 Geodata: 20 Euro Promotion: Complied+Source 50 Euro Free Geodata! Skype: Deni4_ Website: http://www.l2-reality.com/ GOOD VS Evil
  6. Hello I and few of my friends have decided to start a project regarding a wow private server with custom content but before we even start we asked ourselves a question and that question is: What kind of a wow Private server do people want? I have made some answers I am going to write them here so I can help you guys choose (they might be similar) 1) an instant 80 wow server with custom content a)With huge stats b)with casual slim stats c)progressive gear (start low and evolve into huge stats) d)progressive gear(start low but evolve into casual stats) 2)an instant 255 server with custom content a)With huge stats b)with casual slim stats c)progressive gear (start low and evolve into huge stats) d)progressive gear(start low but evolve into casual stats) 3)start level 1 and level up to 255 a)With huge stats b)with casual slim stats c)progressive gear (start low and evolve into huge stats) d)progressive gear(start low but evolve into casual stats) aa)easy leveling with no quest/dungeons to do while leveling bb)easy leveling with quest/dungeons to do while leveling cc)hard leveling with no quests/dungeons to do while leveling dd)hard leveling with quests/dungeons to do while leveling those are the answers I came up with if you decide to choose one of them just reply by the number of the server type then the letter of the server system(as for choice number 3 you give 2 server letters example: 3/a/aa) and write if you want to have insane attack and cast speed or not Note: I don't need any staff as I have enough people now note2:it will be on wow wotlk 3.3.5
  7. Defqon WoW Who are we? Defqon World of Warcraft is a soon 3.3.5a Blizzlike and Funserver server. We have started major development and as you might expect, development is going fantastic because we have a fantastic team. We bring back the joy and entertainment of just having a great server with great rates and a great community to be a part of. Our current Staff team is excessively friendly as well as the environment is free of bullying/harassment/etc. We believe that to have a community everybody can enjoy, we need to make sure we are doing our part first, and fixing our mistakes before we start helping you, which allows us to be the best we can possibly be towards you when you are in need of us. We make sure we have corrected our attitude and ourselves before we start worrying about correcting others. We will be launching beta very soon, and we will be needing a bigger team. A bigger family. Please join us, and join the family. We would love to have you all on board. What are we looking for? Game Master(Community Support) Provide professional and phenomenal customer service/support. Moderate the server, and keep everything running smoothly. Resolve tickets in an efficient way. Make sure the players are receiving the best experience they can possibly receive. Hunt bugs in our Server, and update our developers. Become best friends with grinding our servers and instances to provide the best support for players. Follow set Protocol and Rules. Much, much more. Armor Developer(Developer Team) Prior Experience in DB Knowledge with MySQL Can be held accountable Work well with others Creature Developer(Developer Team) Prior Experience in DB Knowledge with MySQL Can be held accountable Work well with others In-game Designer Developer(Developer Team) Prior Experience in DB Knowledge with MySQL Can be held accountable Work well with others Can be creative Have a lot of in-game time to ensure you know what to look for when creating content C++ Scripter(Developer Team) Prior Experience in DB Knowledge with MySQL Can be held accountable Work well with others Can be efficient Status: Hiring! You can send me a message via Discord, or on the message system AC-Web provides. Please keep in mind that Discord is our main source of communication. Add my Discord Account - Cigadon#6046 or Add my Skype - CigadonKixshannu Regards, The Defqon-WoW family
  8. Version 1.0.0

    I'm selling a Lineage 2 Website Template. .PSD file only. This template is designed by me and it's never been used anywhere. Price: 50$ (Negotiable. Pm me if you're interested) If you need any changes to be applied, will be applied with the price you'll get the .PSD just pm me if you need any update/change. *Note: Name on this template is random picked for preview purposes.


  9. View File Equilibrium Lineage 2 Private Server Design PSD I'm selling a Lineage 2 Website Template. .PSD file only. This template is designed by me and it's never been used anywhere. Price: 50$ (Negotiable. Pm me if you're interested) If you need any changes to be applied, will be applied with the price you'll get the .PSD just pm me if you need any update/change. *Note: Name on this template is random picked for preview purposes. Submitter Psyancy Submitted 10/07/2016 Category Marketplace  
  10. Hello members of LordCraft, here is a tutorial about Compile Server,Set Up,Add Customs and Make Online with video. Part 1: Compile pack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNjQ9z_IOA0#ws Part 2: Setup Server https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLV6RPFQw5o#ws Part 3: Login-Admin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyyMAByTxRQ#ws Credits: WolfGiaS3na
  11. Hello members of LordCraft, in this guide i will show you how to setup your own L2 Server. {Pictures Included} So lets start... You will need to download the following programms: MySQL Server {Select your OS and download the right installer for it.} Java Developer Kit [Click download at Java SE Development Kit (JDK) Bundles] {At Platform selection: Select your OS} Navicat for MySQL Also, you'll need the L2J Pack ----------------- You will need to compile in order to get these folders. For infos about how to compile, check this video. ----------------- List with free L2J Projects can be found here. Lets start installing! Open JavaDeveloperKit Installer and watch the pictures carefully! Open MySQL Installer and watch the pictures carefully! Open Navicat Installer and watch the pictures carefully! Now its time to configure the pack! Extract L2J_DataPack & L2J-Server to one folder Lets start... Open Login folder->Config and then open loginserver.properties And find this: Change it like that: Save it and close it. Now, go back Open GameServer folder->Config and then open server.properties If you want your server to be on INTERNET find this: GameserverHostname=* and replace * with your ip If you want your server to be on LOCAL find this: GameserverHostname=* and replace * with your Also find this: Change it like that: Also find this: AcceptAlternateID = True And replace it with this: AcceptAlternateID = false Save it and close it. Go back, and open folder TOOLS find database_installer.bat make a right click on it and edit Find these: And replace them with these: Save and close the file Ok now go to Pack Folder and then Tools run database_installer.bat It should say something like that: Type F And to this one: F again, and wait the install to be done. To this one: Now go back, and open Login folder, and then run RegisterGameServer.bat It should say something like that: Your choice: type 1 and press enter. Now in login folder these should be a file named hexid(server 1).txt rename it to hexid.txt and Cut or Copy to folder gameserver/config. {Note: If you want to create your account go to Login folder and then run startSQLAccountManager.bat type 1 and then type your username & password and at access level type 100} --- If you want to set GM Access to your character go to Navicat->Open l2jdb->characters->and find the field access and set it to your char to 1 --- [if you want to run the server go to Login folder and open loginserver.bat and then go to gameserver folder and run gameserver.bat] Credits for the Guide : uNiQue1337
  12. Hello members of LordCraft, here is a list with Free L2J Interlude Projects. L2JFrozen Website: http://www.l2jfrozen.com/ Forum: http://www.l2jfrozen.com/forum/ SVN: http://subversion.assembla.com/svn/L2jFrozenInterlude/trunk/ Timeline: https://www.assembla.com/code/L2jFrozenInterlude/subversion/changesets aCis Website/Forum: http://acis.i-live.eu/ SVN: https://xp-dev.com/svn/aCis_community/ Changesets: http://acis.i-live.eu/index.php?topic=30.0
  13. The following bulletins are things you should not do when making a server. They come from my experience as a player ( that is things that annoy me when i see them in a server ) and as an owner ( things that will make the players blast you ). The order in which they are presented here does not define any kind priority or importance factor. They are layed down as they come forth in mind. 1) Do not use shared packs or 1 week of work projects. If you are planing opening a server using a known repack or anny other kind of repacks or you want to open a server after 1 week of work , stop right there just stop and don't waste your time ! You know why that repack is public ? Because it failed(talking about very known private servers repacks) ! 2 ) Do not use private forums that need registration for viewing rights. As a player, before joining a server i always look at the forum activity to get a glimpse of the community. When i see hidden forums that want me to register, it doesnt only make me frustrated but it gives an indication that the owner wants to hide something ( Drama ? Complains ? Low forum activity ? ). 3 ) Do not give many priviledges to your staff. Its proven that at least 1/2 staff members will get corrupted at some point in time costing you money and reputation. Keep an eye on your staff through logs and keep their privs at minimum. 4 ) Do not advertise false promises and do not boast in it. That is, do not use stupid titles that make you look stupid. For example "Perfect balance server" , "The server you've been waiting for" , "Best highrate server ", "Best pack server" , "Great machine with 50000 GB ram" , "234% ANTIHACK Protection" , "Anithack protection: on , anticheat protection: on". You get the point, all those things make you look stupid at the eyes of the experienced clan or player. Make sure to tell the unique story of your server in your ad and not boast about things you do not have or everyone else has. Its not a big deal if you have TvT, everyone has, etc. 5 ) Trust your own powers, not powers for hire. That is, a hired developer/admin/web designer will work for money without passion. He probably wont do good work but thats the minimum. In most cases dissagreement in the payment will leave you damaged and most of the time without the source code making your server frozen in terms of updates. 6 ) Dont use a super cool looking rip of a website but use a functional website. Too much style can make your site unreadable. Be sure to have the most important things, like connection info, features in public and easily accessible view. Noone likes to spend hours just to find out how to register or download your client patch. 7 ) Dont use all the customs just because they are free. Having way too many unrelated and different custom features taken from public shared sources is as bad as having no customs at all. The customization is the identity of your server. Too low and your server is the same as everyone's. Too high and it becomes a circus that noone takes seriously. A server is not evaluated by how many custom features it has, but by how many bad custom features it does NOT have. 8 ) Dont waste resources yourself fixing single players issues. That is, if someone lost his account, it is his problem. Same if he is hacked. Having many players and treating them in person will waste much of your time. The exception is important people that can influence the server. You do treat big clan leaders in person cause they can influence many people. 9 ) Do not forget the stability of the server. People dont like it when they lose things nor when they cant play. Be sure to take frequent backups incase of dissaster. Make sure that you wont need to downgrade effort quality cause people forget the death of their parents faster than the loss of their fortune - Machiavelli 10 ) Dont talk about class balance too much. There is no perfect balance and as much as you try you will always end up arguing with players. The reason is not that you are bad in it. The simplest reason is that in each pvp one man loses , one man wins. The one that loses will always blame the balance. 11 ) Do not be an admin, be a player. Yes you heard right, make an alt character and play your game at least two hours a day. Playing the game gives you a better understanding of its structure than making the code. Even allow your gms/admins to play the game without corrupting themselves ( be sure to check them ). Having a team that consists of player - admin hybrids is better than having a team that is full of technocrats. First time i played my first server i was like "Who's the idiot admin that made such bad class balance ...". Turns out it was myself 12) Don't use a free domain. It looks cheap and gives the impression you aren't prepared to put money into your server as well as the fact you don't expect it to be a success. 13) Don't make donor gear far superior to all other gear. While donation's are a must if there is no competition between donor and other gear then you will just put off new comers as it will be a clear pay-to-win server 14) Don't make special exceptions for staff members. When it comes to what they are allowed to get away with on their alts. (I've seen this on a few places over the years and I left the server straight away as it seemed extremely unfair to me). Credits for the 1st thing: @darksoke Credits for the last 3 things: @Kakarott Credits for the Guide: Leluche
  14. Hello members of LordCraft, here is a tutorial on how to add custom items to your Interlude server! NOTE: The way to add custom items to your server is the same for all clients the only difference is the file editor version. You can find File Editors here. Let's start. 1. Download your items you want to add. (For example let's say Dynasty Armors) 2. Inside your custom items folder you downloaded you will find Client Side and Server Side files. 3. First open Client Side (or if you don't find Client Side and Server Side folders open the system folder). You will find inside armorgrp and itemname-e txt files. 4. Open File Editor, Click Open and go to your C:/Lineage II/System folder (or where you've installed Lineage 2 or you have your server patch placed). 5. Now open armorgrp.dat file and armorgrp txt from your downloaded files. 6. Now copy the lines from armorgrp txt file and go to the last line @ your File Editor and paste them 7. Now click Save and encrypt, click on 413 Version and Ok. 8. Now open itemname-e.dat on your File Editor and itemname-e txt on your downloaded files and follow the same steps with armorgrp. 9. Now copy and paste the folders Systextures and Animations to your Server Patch or inside your Lineage II Folder. 10. Now open Server Side Folder you will find 2 folders inside SQL and Armor (or Server/data/stats/armor) 11. Now copy the .xml file inside armor folder and go to your Server files (Gameserver/data/stats/armor) and paste your .xml file inside. 12. Now open Navicat go to your database, right click and select Execute SQL File option, go to your downloaded files (Server Side/SQL folder) and select the SQL file and click Start, when execute finish click Close and you're ready! And now you successfully added your custom items to your server. Credits for the Guide: TehNeRD (Me )
  15. Hello members of LordCraft, i'm here to introduce you my services. Services I can provide: Web Design Logo & Banner Design General Design Lineage 2 Client Related More Info about my services: Web Design: I can design any website you want, but i will only design it. If you want to code it you have to find a coder. Logo & Banner Design: I can design any logo and banner you want for your server,business,website animated or non animated. General Design: I can design a Thread Design to introduce your project,bussines,website with just one image, I can design Avatars and Signatures to use on forums, I can design Cover for your Facebook Page/Profile or for your YouTube Channel and every kind of design you want. Lineage 2 Client Related: I can design Logo and Buttons for your Server NPC, I can design Login logo, Splash Screens and Loading Screen for your server and i can also design Custom Icons for your Server Custom Items (Armors,Weapons,Misc,Accessories,Etc) Prices & Payment Methods: The starting price for a design is 5 Euro (Depends on your needs and the amount of services you want. You can find more info about that on my website). However the prices are negotiable and also if you order more than 3 Designs the price will be lower. The payment method is via PayPal only. How to contact me: Skype: psyancy.psychedelic Email: psyancy@hotmail.com My Website: http://psyancydesigns.eu/ (The website is still under development) Here via PM Regards, Psyancy. Previews of my work: You can check my Website Or check the spoilers below. - Advertise Banners - - Banners & Covers - - Signatures - - Avatars - - Logos - - Websites -
  16. ANARCHY-WOW.COM Login Screen New/Custom Character Selection Custom Character Creation Including 21 Races and 12 Classes Custom & MoP/Cata Mounts (Everything you see behind the mount is also a MoP Mount) New T11 - T15 Instances (All bosses are scripted) New MoP/Cata Islands New MoP/Cata Gears Join Now at Anarchy-WoW.com Realmlist: anarchy-wow.com Thank You.
  17. Equinoux Hosting Aim for perfection, refute imperfection. Equinoux is a friendly, reliable and cheap web-hosting service for anyone that's interested. We consist of a team that's devoted to security, support, & overall cheap prices. We believe that quality doesn't have to be expensive. Shared hosting Plans: We have a campaign going on, as a celebration of our launch. The campaign will give you one free month with our Bronze package with the promo-code: free-month-2015 VPS Unmanaged Plans: Why choose us, you ask? First of all we prioritize cheap prices more than anything, and we work toward the cheapest possible solution that we can possible offer. We try to have campaigns and promotions as frequent as possible, and to satisfy the customer at our best efforts. Last but not least, compared to other big companies, we have the time to take care of each customers. We don't have a ton of customers, and which means we will have more time for each individual person. We have lots of experience in website development, and we will more than happily help you get your site online and working. If there's a question don't hesitate to ask. We are online on Skype, live support, support tickets, email everyday, and we will guarantee you premium support no matter what. https://equinoux.com/ https://equinoux.com/clients https://equinoux.com/forums EMAIL: EMAIL@EQUINOUX.COM Skype: xsaber1324 Prebb
  18. http://youtu.be/bvr7u1JRP-A
  19. THORIUM WOW FUN 1-255 WEBSITE | CHANGELOG | REGISTER The most unique level 255 funserver concept with a leveling system never seen before. We are providing a world leveling based script that mean you can either levelup in dungeons or killing creatures arround the world. Features: 12 playable races including working Worgen and goblin(models, sounds, animations) and all race all class combo Max level 255 14 upgradable pve tier gear sets 3 pvp gear sets Classic battleground winning tokens Million damage Scripted world and leveling boss Customized instances Custom loot system based on total creature kills i'm going to explain down here Custom leveling system with xp and material bonuses i'm going to explain later Leveling system: When you create your character you can take the starting quest for few offsets. Once you start your XP rate is 1 and every 5 levels your xp rate increase. Now when you kill a creature you kill a creature above 3 levels or higher than your level you receive 1 killstreak. Once 25 streaks you receive materials and every 100 streaks you get 1 more level. Materials value depend on your streak level and once you hit 255 you should already have at least tier6. New loot system: It's been suggested several times in our forums to bring the mop loot system since it was not that easy we decided to create another system so we expanded the leveling killstreak so once you hit level 255 you will only receive killstreak if you kill creatures in tier instances. Like this players does not have to keep looting creatures just kill and go.
  20. Hello Try http://lostarmy-wow.com/ The best Funserver ever! Expansion: Lich King 3.3.5 Instant lvl 90 Custom Trials Custom instances Custom Areas Custom World bosses Custom items Custom starter items Working spells Donor system Vote system Custom world chat (.chat) No-pvp mall There is also Some Gm events on the server if an gm is online (etc Stair event, hide'n seek, Mob event) Friendly staff on the server. You will never get bored because there is so much to do. If u love to farm, get items and stuffs fast and easy Join Lostarmy-wow Today!! I will also tell that every Friday - Sunday the vote point will be increased by 4 (6vp per vote site) 2nd I'm not the owner of the server, The real Owner is "Alamiku" Im a player who want more people to join this server, As more players we got, as more things will be added to the server. Set realmlist logon.lostarmy-wow.com The owners Skype is : mikutubr For more info Check out theese: http://lostarmy-wow.com/ http://lostarmy-wow.com/forum/
  21. WEBSITE:www.illidari-wow.com Forums:forums.illidari-wow.com TYPE: Blizzlike RATES: 20% Join Illidari-WoW today and re-begin your adventure as a soldier fighting against the infamous demon-hunter Illidan Stormrage. Illdari-wow's main focus is to give the public a chance to go back into World of Warcraft's history and experience The Burning Crusade all over again! Bring your friends or make new ones on our custom compiled, extremely stable TBC core. We aim to give you, the players a professional based Burning Crusade experience, as if you were to go back to when Blizzard Entertainment brought the Burning Crusade live. We are bring the golden age back, don't miss out! All Raid's and Battlegrounds working at 100% fully scripted.(not everything can be bug free but from our testing it looks to be at this point) >> Always Free << >> No Gear from donations << >> Server is Blizzlike with increased rates to push you into the content you want. << >> Experienced System Administrators and in-game Game Masters << >> Stable Lag Free Network << >> Premium Network <<
  22. I recently purchased a web hotel, to upload my trinitycore server as well as my php website on, using fusioncms. I bought it at one.com. But how do I upload it unto the webhost?
  23. I want to knowHow to run WOTLK & CATA both server on one PC?Explain step by stepTutorial vedio &Screen image more ..... :)/>Help me pls........Thx for all..........