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Hello Guys !

Well i was re-searching on the internet and i can not find any script for donor npc .. well then i was searching on my computer and i find cascade wow source then when i open it i found the donornpc.cpp .. I've seen thath on this forum there is no donornpc c++ script so i wanted to post it .. Well i didnt made this script and i dont know who made it,but its verry good and useful .. Hope you guys like it and sorry for my English ! 

 --> http://pastebin.com/rBc3dc8z /PasteBin/

 --> https://mega.nz/#!nBk1hDRR /Download/


Hope you guys use it ! Thanks ! :)

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11 minutes ago, DPCoder said:

Thanks for the share - sure will be found very useful (y)

Thank you :D

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