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[Source] World of Warcraft launcher

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On 16.1.2018 at 1:13 AM, WowSuite said:

Download link? )) Very funny) Demo link on site wowsuite.ru

There used to be a download link. i'm sure i still have it and i'm gonna see if i can reactivate the download link.

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5 hours ago, WowSuite said:

Functional update:
- Fixed a bug when recovering the password (You could enter any code and change the password)
- Added methods for deleting a private message or dialog completely
- Changed the receipt of user data in dialogs
- Fixed bug when reading the message (When reading the dialog sent to another user, the "Read" flag was set)
- Now the dialogs are automatically sorted by date

- Added Updater for automatic update launcher


Download link has been updated

#launcher #wowsuite #updater



You are not allowed to advertise on this thread. It is a release thread. You do have been given credits. You are not allowed to "showcase" new versions here. You've got your own thread for that.

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2 hours ago, OMGhixD said:

Вы не можете рекламировать эту тему. Это релиз-поток. Вам были даны кредиты. Вы не можете «показывать» новые версии здесь. У вас есть свой собственный поток для этого.

I'm sorry, I was wrong.

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