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Illidari-WoW Blizzlike Server

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TYPE: Blizzlike
RATES: 20%

Join Illidari-WoW today and re-begin your adventure as a soldier fighting against the infamous demon-hunter Illidan Stormrage.
Illdari-wow's main focus is to give the public a chance to go back into World of Warcraft's history and experience The Burning Crusade all over again! 
Bring your friends or make new ones on our custom compiled, extremely stable TBC core.
We aim to give you, the players a professional based Burning Crusade experience, as if you were to go back to when Blizzard Entertainment brought the Burning Crusade live. We are bring the golden age back, don't miss out!

All Raid's and Battlegrounds working at 100% fully scripted.(not everything can be bug free but from our testing it looks to be at this point)

>> Always Free <<
>> No Gear from donations <<
>> Server is Blizzlike with increased rates to push you into the content you want. <<
>> Experienced System Administrators and in-game Game Masters <<
>> Stable Lag Free Network <<
>> Premium Network <<

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