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LordCraft-WoW (Trinity - 3.3.5a) Funrealm Repack

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| World of Warcraft 3.3.5a | Trinitycore Chunk Rev. | Repack V.0.2 |


This repack creates a new environment for you while you play with intricate events and player areas. This comes included with complete gear and reagent vendors and a global spell trainer. Enjoy and relax. We've done all the work for you! Death's Repacks. Over 4 years of service!

0237e5d5de5343799aaae15a72c8c950.png    681350a1278646edbce1cad0e0b92b33.png


Repack Details

  • 100% Stable (No lag, No crashes)
  • 98% Bug-free.
  • Spells work 97% (average)
  • ICC works 90% (Gunship - Unavailable . Lichking - Available not 100% Scripted)
  • Ruby sanctum - 90% (All bosses available - Not 100% Scripted)
  • All Classics 100% Scripted.
  • Loot drops enhanced (No epics, mainly BOE greens & Blues)



  • Multi Factional Mall.
  • 3.3.5a Armor/Weapon vendors
  • Fishing Area
  • Profession Center
  • Class Training Center
  • Custom mount learn-able by everyone (Warlock epic Mount)
  • World Teleporter
  • Mall Guide (Mall Teleporter)
  • Custom PvP Arena @ Mall
  • Creative object spawned to fit the scene.
  • Weapon Trainers spawned
  • Regent Vendors & Inn (Which sells Soul Shards)
  • GM Area put to life, a little.
  • Mount Center (Learn training and buy mounts)
  • Epic Stair Event
  • No custom content in member-friendly areas.
  • Custom GM Weapon : [<GM> Thundersfury, blessed blade]
  • Gathering leveling road (Located behind the profession center)
  • Custom hang zone down the Gathering road.
  • AzerCMS Website
  • Premium grade AzerCMS styles by trabajare4



Server Information:

Database: User: Root Pass: Ascent
In-Game: User: Admin Pass: Admin 


0237e5d5de5343799aaae15a72c8c950.png    681350a1278646edbce1cad0e0b92b33.png



@Death @Monlife @Lavas

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hello guys :P/> im new in this kinda of stuff and i wanted to make a lan party pvp with my friends with hamachi.. i found this repack awesome indd but could you guys tell me what should i do with this repack? i dont know what do i need to make this work :<

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Horrible repack, lots of bugs plus players can't connect to the server. just sayin'
The connection error is on your end my friend :)/>

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