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Anti-Multiplayer Bug

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I have recently encountered a bug which disables your ability to open the Minecraft game itself from the launcher. There are some mischievous people out their who found a way to change the Server Logo in such a way which Minecraft can not read and therefor, crashes your game. Anytime you start Minecraft up and navigate to Multiplayer, you simply cannot delete the server with the broken logo fast enough in order to stop the continuous crashing. Luckily; I have found a cure!


1. Navigate to your Minecraft Folder (Windows : %appdata% )

2. Go to your .Minecraft folder

3. Scroll down until you find Servers.dat

4. Close Minecraft and then delete the file! (NOTE: THIS WILL REMOVE ALL THE SERVERS FROM YOUR MULTIPLAYER LIST.)

5. Open Minecraft and enjoy playing multiplayer again!

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