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Recent Changes - 10-11-2017

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it is no lie that we have been working actively behind the scenes with Lordcraft and how it performs. And i am glad to announce the evolutionary update. Lordcraft should now load at almost an instant, now this of course variates on your internet connection and your connection towards our server. so do not QOUTE me on it BEING instant. BUT from what i have personally seen. It has become so to speak instant (i got a 10mbps connection [honestly horrible] Lordcraft yet loads at a very fast pace)


I performed a test on multiple devices, this being both iOS and Android as well as Windows. I have tested with POOR internet connection and super duper fast internet connection, the results were somewhat the same but of course the load-time was a lil (few milliseconds) higher on the poor connection. Anyways! Stay tuned! yet more to come.



Lordcraft Administration

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Theme needs major work for mobile, it doesn't look good at all, and usability is poor. 

The header doesn't load properly and I just see a large gray box.


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I'd just like to point out that this recent changes is not pointing towards our newest theme. This was for a theme i made. but we decided to go with this one.

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