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[Poll] Bring Back Awards


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  1. 1. Should we bring back awards?

    • Yeah, they were awesome!
    • Maybe, depending on the awards.
    • No, they're a waste of space.

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Those of you who were here a few years ago may remember the short time we had a million and one awards... I thought they were an awesome idea, and activity on the forum skyrocketed because everyone wanted awards...


There were some issues with the system, one of which was how easily we granted awards to users, so it would take some moderation among the moderators with a strict set of requirements per award.


Even so, let's see how many of you guys would like to see the revival of forum awards. :)


Edit: Awards are back! Please reply to this thread with any suggestions you have for awards!

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56 minutes ago, Valtorei said:

Awesome! I'll be more then happy to help with reward ideas, guidelines, and rules for granting said awards.

There are tons of awards coming. just taking a little bit of time. but one may request or suggest a award here. if you are a staff member you can feel free to contact me per direct message! :) Remember! when you post the suggestion please do tag me as following " @OMGhixD " So i get notified about it. I might miss it if you don't do this.

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