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This project began as an idea only a week ago, I search FiveM forums more frequently then the average person, and whilst the forums are designed for the sole purpose of getting what you need, or listing your server / finding scripts, It has a very un-appealing design and layout. VRP Forum will be a place for everyone, whether you're a Server Owner, Admin, Player etc. You will be allowed to post in forums, advertise your server, ask for help on editing scripts, discuss scripts / development and recruit staff or advertise your server.. While, making a name for yourself in a community. FiveM doesn't log reputation, or reactions.. VRP will ensure you can make a name for yourself in GTA V RP emulation. We want you guys to succeed with your servers, and be able to help those who need it, and gain reputation doing so.. To make yourself look reputable to servers you apply at. The project is currently undergoing some very high maintenance, however.. You may join our discord server and wait with everyone as we build hype for the release of this large project.


LordCraft is a forum for emulation and development mostly within the WoW Scene, however.. I do notice a large quantity of Steam users on here, so I thought I'd invite you all to join V.RP!


We welcome everyone to the start and beginning of this new project!


If you haven't already, join our project's discord!



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