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[Vanilla][Wotlk] Renegade-WoW Progressive

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Release Date: June 15th, 2018


Hello everyone,

hopefully this post will be able to answer most of the questions you might have about Renegade-WoW.

What is Renegade-WoW? 

Renegade-WoW is a progressive PvP/PvE WotLK server emulating Vanilla on a 3.3.5 client, aiming to give players the feel of Vanilla with the graphics/talents of Wotlk.

  • Players will be able to chose from 51 Talentpoints with last two rows locked.
  • Raids will be 20 man
  • World bosses will be 20 man
  • Mounts Level 40/60
  • Dual Spec 1k Gold
  • Draenei and Blood Elves will be enabled from Vanilla. 
  • DKs will be released alongside WotLK
  • Jewelcrafting will be enabled in TBC
  • Inscription in WotLK 


What are the Server Rates?

      Leveling/Skills/Profession Exp:

  • x5 Mob Exp
  • x5 Quest Exp
  • x3 Exploring Exp
  • x5 Skill Exp
  • x3 Profession Exp

     Drop Rates:

  • Poor [Grey]= x3
  • Normal [White]= x3
  • Uncommon [Green]= x2
  • Rare [Blue]= x1
  • Epic [Purple]= x1


What happens after we progress through each expansion?

Let's say players have progressed through all of Vanilla, we will keep that realm up and start a new realm on the next expansion. Which means all players will be able to keep their characters on the new expansion and continue where they left off or stay on Vanilla and continue playing there. Custom content is possible on each realm once progressed through Blizzlike content. ex; Custom quest lines, Custom dungeons/raids/bgs.


What about new players just joining the new expansion?

New players will be able to start as level 1 on all of our Expansions. However if they do wish to get the full progression experience and start on Vanilla but would like their characters from Vanilla expansion to be moved to any other expansion we are more than happy to do so. So that everyone may enjoy the feeling you get when progressing through expansions.


What will happen after we're done with WotLK?

Well once we are done with Wotlk, there are a few options which we will get the communities opinion on once the time comes.

  1. Go custom content
  2. Follow Blizzard content [Cata,MoP, etc...]
  3. Keep it as is


What will be released and when?

We are planning on following Blizzard time line as close as possible.


   On Release:


  • Ragefire Chasm
  • Deadmines
  • Wailing Caverns
  • Shadowfang Keep
  • Blackfathom Deeps
  • The Stockade
  • Gnomeregan
  • Scarlet Monastery
  • Razorfen Kraul
  • Uldaman
  • Scholomance
  • Razorfen Downs
  • Stratholme
  • Zul'Farrak
  • Temple of Atal'Hakkar
  • Blackrock Depths



  • Onyxia's Lair
  • Molten Core



  • Warsong Gulch
  • Alterac Valley
  • Arathi Basin


Kind Regards,

Renegade-WoW Staff



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