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Cursed-wow Blizzlike & Fun realm

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Welcome to our project. We'll do a quick introduction of our realms

Currently we are working on making a blizzlike realm. 

We are currently looking for*Developers,*Testers*and*Customer Servicerepresentatives.

We are looking for passionate, dedicated, friendly, and loyal community members to join us in our journey of trying to become the most bugfree*(Would be the endgoal, we know it's not realistic thing at the very beginning)*realm currently available.

Also, we want to bring major fixes back to the open source community. This is a thing, not many servers are currently doing.

If you are looking forward to join our team or have any questions, please join our Discord channel or create a topic on the forum!

we also offer a instant 80 fun realm more information below

****How to connect****|WEBSITE ****DISCORD



Blizzlike Information

*XP rate x2*
*individual xp rates (setxp max = 4* 
*Vote for Heirloom Gear*
*Starters 4x 16 slot bags & 50 Gold.*
*All flight paths.*
*voting rewards
*Gold Rates x3
*Reputation x3
*Professions x3
*24/7 GM support
*Dedicated Bug Testers/Reporters
*99% Uptime
*Random Enchants
*VAS Auto Balance
*Dedicated Developers
*Discord Channel (working On Ingame Chat to discord)
*Blizzlike Experience 
*Scripted Instances
*Scripted Battlegrounds
*Double xp weekend
*Instance Scaling Feature



Fun Realm information.

*Instant 80*
*High Stats*
*World chat*
*1v1 Arena*
*Crossfaction BG
*All race all class totems working
*Custom Gearing system
*Custom tiers/Honor/Arena Sets
*Vendors in battlegrounds with temporary Gear to balance BG
*Legion Raids (custom 3.3.5
*World Bosses
*PvP title system - kills for titles
*PvP Strongboxes and Tokens
*Honor Vouchers
*Custom currency
*Custom Quests
*Duel Zone
*Enchanting NPC
*Profession NPC*
*Login Announcer
*Donation Items
*Vote Items
*Duel Reset
*Player Tool NPC
*Tons of custom spells
*Gold cap to Gold Bar
*Revive Above Corpse*
*Portable Teleporter

and Much much more!

All are welcome, so join today!

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