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Greetings travler! I'd like to present the custom wotlk 3.3.5a server with a lot of custom things and a lot of higher expansions stuff. Main content they are titans like Eonar, Aggramar, Golganneth, Aman'thul and such more. With such titans as I mentioned
you will be able to perform quests and fight with them. The server will also have custom pvp ranks like Bronze, Gold, Platinium
these are leagues where players with assigned ranks play with each other as, for example, in League of Legends. Each league will have a different pvp set, we want make legion season 3 pvp sets for this. The server is PVE\PVP so you can do Raids, dungeons, quest just what you want! Server has statistics on weapons and armor from legion so you do not have to worry about it being unbalanced. When you comes to Transmogrification you see Cataclysm/Mists of Pandaria/Warlords of Draenor and Legion weapons and armor sets (I mean artifact weapons too). Everywhere you will see things from these additions that I have just mentioned. In future we want make Demon Hunter, Necromancer and Monk we have all files for this but we want make it in future of server. From things that you will see on the server as a big change is 115Level Max but player will have all talents and crossfaction battlegrounds.

Okey so i will be very grateful if you join the discord server and help in building the community .


We dont have site yet so i dont give you a link 


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hey once you get a website set up, hope you'll stop by http://ontop500.com and register your server, we are currently delivering a lot of organic traffic to registered servers

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