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Unforgiven WoW - Repack only!

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Hello everyone,
This repack is brought by Justicar WoW, they bought the original repack and source from
Unforgiven WoW. The Co-Owner of Justicar-WoW decided to release this repack a few months ago.
They revamped and modded the repack a bit and fixed alot of issues with the database and core.
Unforgiven WoW stopped and sold their source files to Justicar WoW.
Justicar WoW developed it and after a few months they also stopped with their fun realm.
There are many custom features in this repack, it has custom patches, launcher and login screen.
This repack came on request, requested this repack and asked Death
first if I was allowed to share this repack with the rest of the community as long as I give credits to the
rightful owners it was allowed to share a repack. The credits can be found in the story above or at the
bottom of this topic.
Talents & Spells
There are no exact percentages at this part, I'm sorry.
Death Knight - Most spells and talents are working.
Druid - Most spells and talents are working.
Hunter - Most spells and talents are working.
Mage - Most spells and talents are working.
Paladin - Most spells and talents are working.
Priest - Most spells and talents are working.
Rogue - Most spells and talents are working.
Shaman - Most spells and talents are working.
Warlock - Most spells and talents are working.
Warrior - Most spells and talents are working.
Random Battleground - Working.
Warsong Gulch - Working.
Arathi Basin - Working.
Eye of The Storm - Working.
Alterac Valley - Working.
Blade's Edge Arena - Working.
Nagrand Arena - Working.
Ruins of Lordaeron - Working.
The Ring of Valor - Working.
The Dalaran Arena - Working.
Realm Information

  • Custom patch.
  • Level 255.
  • Over 40M health.
  • World chat.
  • Teleporter.
  • Pocket Teleporter.
  • Bounty Hunter.
  • V.I.P System.
  • V.I.P Commands.
  • Starters gear.
  • Upgrade gear sets.
  • Custom instances.
  • 99% Spells working (Balanced).
  • Over 5000 custom items.
  • Over 1000 custom quests.
  • Minigames.
  • Custom spells.
  • Custom battlegrounds.
  • Transmogrification.
  • Reforgin.
  • Duel & Gambling area.
  • Tower Defense.
  • Flying mounts in Azeroth.
  • 10 soloable events.
  • Custom bosses.
  • New races (Goblin, Naga, Broken and Vykryl).
  • New zones.
  • Custom gems.
  • Custom malls.
  • Arena & PvP gear.
  • Vote rewards.
  • Donation rewards

Download Area

Hidden Content
You'll be able to see the hidden content once you reply to this topic.

The VMAP fix is no longer available as the website is currently down!
The Patch is no longer available as the download link is removed from MEGA!

Preview of the Fun Realm
Support information
This repack is your own responsibility.
I can give support on a limited range, I've not much knowledge as it comes to huge repacks as those.
Unforgiven WoW: Server core and modified source
Justicar WoW: Modifications and edits
darksoke: Creating the first version of the race patch

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 dont have experience with making servers but want to see some news what u made.


I did not make this repack, Unforgiven WoW repack is made by Unforgiven WoW and is a little bit modified by Justicar WoW.

The only thing I did with this repack is, downloading it, re-uploading it and share it with your guys.


I'm currently busy with a Trinity Core instant 80 repack on patch 3.3.5 but the progress is very slow as I'm not in a hurry to release it.

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