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How to set up a bukkit server!

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Hey everyone this is my tutorial on how to make a bukkit server.

​My first tutorial :D


1. Get Bukkit simply from here : http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/ , Download the Recommended Build (1.4.7).


2. Create a folder on your desktop (called Server, really what ever you want), then place the build that you downloaded (craftbukkit- 1.4.7- R1.0.jar)


3. Rename (craftbukkit- 1.4.7- R1.0.jar) to (craftbukkit.jar), next step


4. Create a txt file, and open it and put in:


java -Xms4024M -Xmx4024M -jar craftbukkit.jar -o true



5. Save it as a .bat ( name anything i do Server or Run)
6. Run your Server, Then close your server go into (server.properties) and put in your IP your using (ether with no-IP or hamchi).
7. port forward , the port 25565, to port forward open up cmd , type (ipconfig and get your default gateway address, then open up a brower and type that in the url.)
8. Go Game & Application Sharing, then click on (Create a new game or application), (Name it bukkitport or something doesnt matter) and make it a Manual port not an Existing one, ( In port Range put 25565 and 25565 again and then click Add. ) then assign it to your computer.

9. Plugins - Essentials , WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Factions (depanding if its a Faction Server or not), Groupmanager or Permissionsex. i would say there the core plugins you would need.


Sorry if some of it doesn't make sense, its my first tutorial.


Ill make a better one after school

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Bukkit is 


Bukkit is an up-and-coming Minecraft Server mod that will completely change how running and modifying a Minecraft server is done - making managing and creating servers easier and providing more flexibility. Learning from the mistakes made by other mods, Bukkit aims to be different and fill the void left by them: built from the ground up we've focused on performance, ease-of-use, extreme customisability and better communication between the Team and, you, our users. The overall design of Bukkit has been inspired by other mods and our experience as Minecraft players just like yourselves, giving us a unique perspective and advantage going into the creation of the Bukkit Project



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