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[PHP]Server Status L2J

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21 hours ago, Luca said:

Thanks for share :D 

(I'm not reviving this topic, I just want to see the hidden content)

Its ok mate, it's not counted as "revive". I'm glad you like it :)

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with a quick modification it can be created into a phpserver status for a wow server as well


   $server_ip = "localhost";
   $loginserver_port = "3724";
   $gameserver_port = "8085";

   $login_status = @fsockopen( "$server_ip" , "$loginserver_port", $errno, $errstr, 0);
   $game_status = @fsockopen( "$server_ip" , "$gameserver_port", $errno, $errstr, 0);
      echo"Login:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Online<br />";
      echo"Login::&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Offline<br />";   
      echo" Game:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Online<br />";
      echo" Game:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Offline<br />";


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