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How To Create Your Own Icon & How To Import It. [Lineage 2]

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Hello members of LordCraft, here is a tutorial on how to create your own icon and how to import it.


First of all we gonna need some programs.

1st) Adobe Photoshop (Download Here)
2nd) An encrypter and UnrealED (Download Here)
3rd) Encdec Program (Download Here)


1st Chapter - The Photoshop

  1. You have to open photoshop and create a 32x32 page.
  2. After that you can create your own icon or use a ready one.
  3. Save it as .tga .

2nd Chapter - Encrypting

  1. Open UnrealED. Create New Texture as the images below. Set the name.
  2. Import you .tga file and make compression DXT1. Then Save it in your desktop as .utx .
  3. Then you must encrypt the file like the images below, otherwise you will get an error from l2.
  4. After encrypting the result will be enc-GuideIcon.utx , just delete GuideIcon.utx and rename enc-GuideIcon.utx to GuideIcon.utx .
  5. Have a look for the update at the end. Without it you won't be able to encrypt it.

3nd Chapter - Importing

  1. Replace the icon in etcitemgrp.dat (because in our case it was an enchant scroll).
  2. Save & encrypt as 413 and you are ready.

















Credits for the tutorial: iAndre

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On 26/11/2015 - 11:11:02, BlackHeart said:

I do all steps, and when i log i see black icons.. any ideas?

I will tell you some steps that you need to make it work and if you make them and still not working post your html code here so i can see what's wrong!

- Get the texture name: Package name is the systexture name (the .utx file) Name is the texture name so if the Package name is for example Package and the name is Name then your code should look like this

<img src="Package.Name" width="300" height="100"/>

- Encrypt the texture (.utx file) before you add it on your client.

- After encryption put your .utx file on your Systextures folder in order to make it work.

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